Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel any time, We ask that should you want to cancel, you notify us between the 21st of the month, and the day we place our orders, on the 3rd by filling out our CONTACT US form. 

If you have paid in advance, in a 6 or 12 month subscription, any refunds will be processed in a pro rated fashion.  

What shirt will I get if I sign up today?

We don't make any promises, but we hope to have it there by the 21st of each month. 

What's the return policy?

There's nothing worse than a shirt that doesn't fit. If we send you a shirt and it's doesn't fit right, message us and we will see what we can work out.  

When am I billed?

If you are on a monthly renewal service, your billing date will be the 3rd of every month. If that is a saturday or sunday, please be advised your bank may not show that transaction until the following business day. 

Can I buy a shirt from a previous month?

Typically we only print that month's brewery shirts the month it's featured for the boxes we have sold. However, sometimes, we have a few leftovers. If you're interested in a previous shirt, check with us to see if we have your size in stock and we will get it out to you and bill your card we have on file!

Who made this awesome website?

The same company who makes our shirts made our website!  Their name is Tshirts.Beer and you can contact them on their website at www.tshirts.beer.

Any other questions?